Malfunctions of the respiratory system

1. Lung Cancer
  • Cancer- Uncontrollable growth of cells in the lungs
  • Usually caused by smoking and pollution
  • can easily lead to death
  • Prevention- do not smoke, and do not litter

2. Asthma
  • Allergic reaction
  • Causes bronchial inflammation
  • Also causes problems in breathing
  • People with asthma use inhalers to clear their airways

3. Bronchitis
  • Caused by infections
  • Leads to trouble breathing
  • Inflames bronchial tubes

4. Emphysema
  • Alveoli lose ability to expand and diffuse oxygen easily
  • They lose elasticity
  • This is usually caused by smoking and other pollutants

external image Lung+cancer+warning_2248_19439282_0_0_7018889_300.jpgPicture of healthy lung (left) vs. smoker's lung (right)

external image Asthma-Cure.jpgPerson using inhaler (item used for asthma)

external image hwkb17_090_001.jpg