The Respiratory System

Introduction- What is the Respiratory system?

  • Respiration is the process of releasing energy, which is needed for maintaining homeostasis
  • Human Organisms use Aerobic respiration
  • Equation for Aerobic respiration: Glucose + Oxygen --> Water + Carbon Dioxide + 36 ATP
  • Human Respiration requires many organs of the body
  • Glucose and oxygen are needed for human respiration
  • Why do we need this system to live? This system helps us breathe and release our energy. If we did not respire, we would turn blue, fall down, and no longer be living
  • Come now- let us explore this system!

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external image lungs.gifDescriptive diagram

external image lungs.jpgA look inside the lungs

Some cool links (I do not own the rights to these sites or pictures):
-educational website explaining certain parts of the respiratory system
-interactive site that lets you drag each part of the system to it's proper place